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Feature movies from Zambia

The Borderline


What does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his mind? In a desperate bid to make a success of his life and become rich in the future, Faustino, a poacher and failed gemstone dealer, sells his soul to the devil. Paranoia, despair and nihilism shimmer in the unsettled corners of his vanished convictions, mislaid in the shadows of the deep rivers, dusty plains and homeless cities of his mind. Faustino is introverted but becomes aggressive and aggravated if he is confronted; he is jealous of his wife’s imaginary infidelity, which conceals his increasing insanity.

Enya is wilful and manipulative, between a treacherous femme fatale and her loyal antithesis, and denies Faustino’s continuous and violent abuse in her home. Hama is unhappily irascible, trying to explain to himself his persistent and dangerous liaisons that transcend the murky underworld, corrupt police and hedonistic military. Wakuda is inherently evil; he enjoys luring his uneducated and naïve clients to their fates with his psychotic notions and their delusional beliefs of easy money.

Faustino negotiates with Wakuda to be rich by abusing his mother and is expelled by the headman, later murdered. Suspicion falls on Faustino after he disappears into the bush. Enya calls private investigator Hama to find Faustino before the police kill him, only to find he is her enigmatic but spooky former lover. Faustino is blamed for a series of murders in his absence.

Can Enya and Hama find the real murderer and beat the police and army to him on the remote Lunsemfwa River? See more

Damyna the Musical


A tranquil African village is thrown into turmoil when Damyna, a poor abandoned girl, becomes torn between her love for the boy she grew up with and the handsome, suave stranger who strides into her life. Damyna is brought up by a kindly ‘aunt’ who has paid off her father’s moneylender to secure the girl’s freedom. She grows into a young woman knowing that the aunt’s son, Por Phiri, is not her brother, contrary to his believe that they are siblings.

Trouble arrives when two dynamic consultants, Kati Pault and Given Chansa, arrive from the city on a mission to 'improve' the villagers’ farming skills. An interfering witch doctor ensures that Por falls in love with Kati and Given falls in love with Damyna, and the two villagers find themselves living the highlife in a cafe in town. But before matters get further out of hand, the witch doctor realises his mistake and attempts to reverse his spell, only to be faced with opposition from Damyna's adopted mother's husband, a lookalike who claims to be father of both Damyna and Por.

But Damyna's adoptive mother recognises their love and reveals her husband is not the father of her son, freeing Damyna and Por to marry while preserving her original secret of their uncommon heritage. The wedding scene reveals an unexpected guest: Damyna's high-ranking wayward real father – bearing a striking resemblance to the witch doctor who caused the mayhem in the first place. See more

Steven Follows

'Each week [he] look[s] at a different film industry topic, focusing on the data and statistics to reveal what's really going on'. Some interesting stuff.

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The Next Movie

The script is prepared for my next movie and pre-production is in progress. This is the most time-consuming part of filmmaking and production is expected to begin at the end of the year,